Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women after skin cancer.

What are the causes of breast cancer? Factors that cause cancer is not known with precision.

The epidemiological investigations showed that most cases of breast cancer, occur in women over 50 years. The incidence of the disease increases even more in women over 60 years. The breast cancer is very rare in women under 35 years.

Also, surveys showed that white women are most often breast cancer than women of Asian or African origin.

Apart from the factors of age and racial origin, there are other factors when there is a woman show that has more risk for this disease.

Factors associated with increased risk for breast cancer in women are as follows:

1. Family history: If your mother, sister or daughter of a woman’s breast cancer is present, then it has increased risk for the disease. If even the incidents occurred in the mother, sister or daughter of a woman, were presented at a young age, then the danger is even greater.

2. Personal history: Women who experienced cancer in one breast, have the highest risk of developing cancer and other breast.

3. Changes breast: Women which has already been diagnosed for certain histological changes in the breast have an increased risk for breast cancer. Such changes are informal yperplasies breast or even a localized breast cancer lobe.

4. Breast cancer genes: In families who have a family history of cancer can be genetic tests to show if there are in this family, abnormal genes that predispose for breast cancer.

The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes associated with hereditary forms of breast cancer. Women who have a family history of breast cancer and the abnormal gene BRCA1 are 85% higher risk of suffering from breast cancer during their lifetime. They also have an increased risk for cancer of the ovary. Women who have abnormal gene BRCA2, have less risk for the disease.

5. The hormones estrogen: The scientific data show that as the period during which a woman subjected to the influence of female hormones, oestrogen, the more the chances of suffering from breast cancer. Oestrogen them may be the estrogen produced naturally by the body of the woman or what might be given as medication.

Women of the ormonikos the cycle with the period starting early or those slow the klimaktirios and menopause, have the highest risk than others. Women who take hormone replacement therapy at menopause or even those who take contraceptive pills are more high risk than others for breast cancer.

6. Teknopoiisi: Women who have been slow to make their first child after the age of 30 have the highest risk for breast cancer compared with women who teknopoiisan in most early age.

7. Density of breast: breasts that have a large percentage lobes and pipelines appear pyknoteroi in mammography. Breast cancer almost always develops in the lobes or pipelines breast and not the fat of the gland.

For these reasons, the breasts are rich lobes and pipelines are more likely to experience cancer. Also own breasts, because they are pyknoteroi in mammography, hindering doctors to recognize pathological areas.

8. The radiotherapeia: Women undergoing radiotherapeia before the age of 30, particularly those subjected to radiotherapeia due lymphoma type Hodgkin’s, have the highest risk for breast cancer. The risk grows if the age of the woman during radiotherapeia was less.

9. The body weight: The increase in body weight, especially during menopause, accompanied by a greater chance of breast cancer. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon is the production of estrogen, which can be made from the fatty tissues of the body.

10. Environmental factors, smoking and alcohol: Women who consume more than 3 alcoholic drinks every day, have an increased risk for the disease. The same goes for women who smoke. Some pesticides such as DDT, hair dyes, detergents and other substances studied, but until now there is no evidence to substantiate a correlation.

Post Author: Isaiah Fowler

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