Pharmacy Mall, a network of online drugstores on the web, is a Canada-based online drugstore network with memberships to prestigious organizations like the CIPA and MIPA. When we speak of online drugstore networks, we are actually dealing with online drugstores having one unified template but are with various web addresses.

By definition, these web drugstore networks work only to increase traffic to a main website. Although the members of a network drugstore network may individually take buyer orders, the network drugstores forward the orders to a main website that would process or fulfill the buyer drug orders.

Although buyers may find it slightly terrifying to deal with identical-looking stores with different domain names, customers should know that members of a legitimate online drugstore network are actually safe to use. Pharmacy Mall, for one, is perfectly safe to use—its long online existence is proof that it is actually benign and helpful rather than scary or unpredictable.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

We are quite fond of gathering buyer testimonials for specific websites because they help largely in identifying the true nature of the shop in question. To determine the safety of using shops involved in a pharmacy network, we’ve also tried searching for buyer references to the stores included in the Pharmacy Mall network.

Reviews for Pharmacy Mall Services
Reviews for Pharmacy Mall Services

The reviews we found for shops involved with Pharmacy Mall are actually recurring since most customers had nearly similarly-themed reviews for the website network. Most of the comments for Pharmacy Mall stores included the following recurring themes:

  • Fast shipping – Most of the consumers thanked the shops for their “fast” or “on time” deliveries. Buyers confirmed the receipt of their orders and were grateful for the reliable shipping service of Pharmacy Mall shops.
  • Low-cost products – Customers were also happy with the products they bought from Pharmacy Mall stores. According to most buyers, the medicines were cheaper than the local drugstore counterparts of these medicines and in some cases, are even cheaper than the other internet drugstore prices.
  • Responsive customer support – Another big deal for customers using the stores from the Pharmacy Mall was the responsive customer support team. Most of the buyers were thankful that the Pharmacy Mall staff was more than helpful for their inquiries or their order concerns.
  • Amazing deals – Buyers were also grateful for Pharmacy Mall shops because of their amazing deals—in most cases, the stores were able to give free shipping, complimentary products, special discounts, and other budget-preserving deals.

Pharmacy Mall Online

All of the pharmacies included in the Pharmacy Mall network exhibit the same appearance. Buyers can encounter each of the Pharmacy Mall stores on the web and not be able to see their differences, because apart from the different web addresses, there weren’t any.

According to the Pharmacy Mall information online, the network was founded in 1997. It appears that nothing much has changed since the network was created since it still appears archaic and less-modern compared to its online drugstore counterparts.

The Pharmacy Mall stores all have uniform products. They all sell generic and branded medications from a host of manufacturers around the globe. Products available at Pharmacy Mall are approved by the FDA, by at least the local FDA of the manufacturer country of the product.

Some of the types of medicines found on Pharmacy Mall include the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction treatments
  • Pain management products
  • Blood pressure regulating drugs
  • Anxiety and depression products
  • Herbal medicines
  • Supplements

Medicines on Pharmacy Mall stores may be bought without Rx because the stores do not sell narcotic medicines.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Although Pharmacy Mall shops have coupon codes for their buyers, there were no available buyer coupons last time we checked. However, buyers can still enjoy the following discounts on Pharmacy Mall stores:

Pharmacy Mall Discounts
Pharmacy Mall Discounts

According to the sample cart above, customers can enjoy free pills from the shop, as well as free shipping, if their orders reach more than $200.

Besides the free stuff, buyers can also enjoy an additional 10% off their orders whenever using Pharmacy Mall, if their orders exceed $200.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Buyers can use Pharmacy Mall store messaging for their inquiries regarding the products or their orders. However, the buyers can also elect to use Pharmacy Mall phone numbers should they wish to speak directly with a customer service representative. Here are the numbers available for customer use:

  • +4420 3239 7092
  • +1 718 487 9792

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Customers are always concerned about their safety whenever using online drugstores for their medical needs. To check if a store (or a drugstore network) is safe to use or not, buyers can search for customer reviews online, like we did in the previous section. We also tried to search for complaints about the Pharmacy Mall network if there are any, and fortunately, we were unable to find customer complaints about Pharmacy Mall stores.


Shops included in the Pharmacy Mall network are harmless and are more than beneficial and because of the good things we saw in them (including the positive reviews), we are more than glad to bestow an excellent rating of 5 out of 5 points for the network.

Although network drugstores are safe to use, due to the corruption of scammers to most online drugstore network names, buyers sometimes fear using network drugstore pharmacies for fear of getting scammed. Of course, there is no risk using network drugstores since they are secure, but due to the existence of fake online pharmacy network members, buyers, if not careful, may find themselves running into trap websites. These trap websites may look similar to members of pharmacy networks, making it difficult for consumers to weed out the fake stores from the legitimate ones.

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