Pah Tablet Review

Brand: Pah Tablet

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: MSN Labs

Country of Manufacture: India

Pah Tablet Image

Review and Description

Pah tablet is intended to rectify erectile problems in men. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that arises when cGMP enzyme is replaced by another enzyme known as phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE5). Generally, PDE5 inhibits cGMP from doing its functions well and that’s when Pah tablets come in handy. The active ingredient present in this drug is referred to as Sildenafil Citrate. This ingredient inhibits PDE5, allowing cGMP to work effectively. It enhances the flow of blood with ease in the vessels by relaxing those veins to increase blood movement in the body. A steady supply of blood in the penis maintains erections for a longer period during sex.

Pah tablet is an innovative product of a company known as MSN Group. MSN Group is an Indian based company that is also a fast growing company. Started in the year 2003, this company has 8 ISO Certified manufacturing plants spread across in India. They claim that they have an impeccable track record in the pharmaceutical industry and have dedicated employees comprising of qualified professionals involved in the invention and development of drugs. They also claim that their global reputation surpasses their competitors covering all therapeutic areas they are involved in. They have attracted notable recognition from major stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry earning major awards along the way. I tried to look for on the various medications they manufactured apart from Pah Tablet but I was surprised to learn that the list was only available upon request. However, they claim that their products are cost effective for the benefit of their clients. The reputation of the company shows that their products are authentic to some degree. I did not find any product reviews on their website, therefore, I decided to look for reviews from credible sources about this medication.

Customer Reviews

Having not found reviews for this particular drug, I searched for alternative sources on the internet to learn more about the drug before ordering it. Customer reviews from independent sources such as medical forums are reliable because they are a reflection of the experiences patients have after using a medication. I did not find any customer testimonials on the internet mentioning the pros or cons of using Pah tablets. The reputation of this medication is questionable despite it being a product of a reputable manufacturer. It’s very important that patients with any kind of illness insist on buying drugs that are proven and tested. You should avoid buying medication blindly without ample information about them. Buying drugs via the internet can be tricky at times but can be a rewarding and convenient experience if you find the right vendor to supply you with the meds you require.

Pricing and Dosage

Pah tablet is available in form of a pill of 20 mg sildenafil. The recommended dosage for an adult is one pill per day unless your doctor suggests you increase the dose to achieve the desired effect. Pah tablet is available at a price of $1.87. To determine the cost of buying this drug you are required to convert to your local currency for customers overseas.

For instance, one Indian rupee is equal to 0

For instance, one Indian rupee is equal to 0.016 US dollar. Different rates apply in corresponding countries.

How to Buy Pah Tablet Online

Fildena is a product of superior quality used to correct erectile dysfunction in men and has the same composition as Pah 20mg tablet. The drug is widely accessible in major online stores such as or Below are links to these stores that will direct you to them hustle-free. They are;

For instance, 25 mg of Fildena costs $ 1.45 per pill at They also ship drugs via airmail at a small fee but products worth $200 or over are shipped for free.

How to Use

Before using this drug, you are obligated to consult a doctor to determine whether it’s advisable to use this medication. The recommended dosage of this drug is 20 mg in a day when required, probably 30 minutes before any sexual activities. Patients with any chronic medical conditions such as allergies and upcoming surgeries should refrain from this medication unless a qualified doctor allows otherwise. Additionally, because of the side effects that may be experienced, patients are advised to avoid taking alcohol or operating heavy machinery.

Side Effects

Most drugs have side effects and Pah tablets are no different. Studies have shown that minor side effects are likely to be experienced including stomach upset, dizziness, stuffy nose, temporary blurred vision, and muscle pains. However, some patients get serious complications namely prolonged and painful erections, bloody and cloudy urine, and constipation among others not mentioned here. If at all you experience these severe complications you should seek medical attention immediately after discontinuing its usage.

Conclusion with Rating

Pah tablet is a medication used to treat erectile inadequacies in men. Sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient which is universally used in most erectile dysfunction drugs. This ingredient inhibits an enzyme known as phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE5) hence relaxing the blood vessels to increase blood flow into the penis. It’s a product manufactured by a reputable company as we earlier analyzed. The lack of customer reviews on the internet gives a bad impression because they are vital to a customer that intends to address matters regarding its efficiency. For this reason, I would not recommend Pah tablet to patients suffering from impotence. Instead, they should look for alternative ED drugs from reputable pharmacies. I rate Pah tablet giving it 2 out of 5.

Post Author: Isaiah Fowler

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