Expit Sildenafil Review

Brand: Expit Sildenafil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Lazar Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Country of Manufacture: Uruguay

Expit Sildenafil Tablets Image

Review and Description

Expit Sildenafil is a generic equivalent of Viagra. That means that this drug is likewise used to help men who develop erectile dysfunction and impotence. Expit Sildenafil is developed in chewable tablets of 50 milligrams each. The mechanism of action is similar to Viagra’s because the main chemical component in Expit Sildenafil is also Sildenafil citrate. It is chiefly responsible for causing an increased amount of blood flow to the penis following smooth muscle relaxation. In the corpus cavernosum, a compound called Phosphodiesterase type 5, actively degrades cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Sildenafil citrate interrupts this activity and by so doing, cGMP presence increases. With increased presence, smooth muscle relaxation sets in followed closely by widened blood vessels and an increased amount of blood flowing through them.

Lazar Pharmaceuticals Ltd is the pharmaceutical establishment behind Expit Sildenafil. It was founded in Uruguay in 1949 and is currently located in Artigas, Montevideo. The company moved to that location in 1998 and currently employs a team of around 60 professionals including pharmacists, chemists, and doctors. Lazar Pharmaceuticals was among the first ten pharmaceutical companies to enter the market in Uruguay and it has now accumulated over sixty years of experience. It has a track record of commitment to quality and its products comply with the highest standards as set forth in GMP standards. Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Paediatrics, Hypertension, Analgesics, Anaesthesia, Dermatology and Erectile Dysfunction are some of its product categories.

Customer Reviews

We made an effort to find reviews for Expit Sildenafil on the Internet but none were available to report here. We searched for reviews because we are well aware of how useful they are to customers who may either be looking for an alternative to their current go-to vendor or trying shopping for medicines online for the first time. Reviews are the most obvious way for them to learn about the effectiveness of generic medications like Expit Sildenafil. What we can tell you, though, is that any pharmaceutical company with that many years of experience didn’t get there without the trust of the buying public. We couldn’t find Expit Sildenafil among the products listed on the company’s website so that is a negative. Either way, we believe you will be better off purchasing a product with verifiable reviews. The marketplace is replete with alternative sildenafil medications.

Pricing and Dosage

Expit Sildenafil is circulated in 50 milligrams and 100 milligrams chewable tablets. Those are the only two obtainable formulations. We have attached a screen grab of the price lists for this generic formulation. Let’s see how this medication fares against Brand Viagra.

On pharmacymall

On pharmacymall.net, 48 pills of 100 milligrams Expit Sildenafil cost 262 US dollars at a rate of 3.68 US dollars per pill. To get thirty pills of Brand Viagra, you have to pay, on the average, 745 US dollars at a rate of 24.83 US dollars per pill.

Expit sildenafil, like all sildenafil medications, should be taken once per day.

How to Buy Expit Sildenafil Online

Expit Sildenafil, in both the 100 milligrams and 50 milligrams tablets, is limitedly available on the internet. Having said that, we were able to isolate three separate reputable stores where Expit Sildenafil is available. The links are below.

The first link is for the store whose price list we highlighted above. So we are going to repeat for emphasis that 48 pills of 100mg Expit Sildenafil cost $262. No prescription required. Airmail shipping is available. It is free for orders above $200.

The second link below opens up a product page on a store where 48 pills of Expit Sildenafil cost $200.92. Free airmail shipping is available for this amount. Orders of 96 pills and above qualify for free Courier Delivery.

On the last store, 48 pills of this product sell for $196.39. Free airmail delivery is also available for orders above $200.

Expit Sildenafil is available in the following stores:




How to Use

Expit Sildenafil should be administered by mouth with some water to aid it down. Since these tablets are masticable or chewable, that is another way to administer the drug. To ensure effectiveness, patients should avoid foods with high-fat content, alcoholic beverages, and juice made of grapefruit extracts. All three substances hamper effectiveness. It is better to apply Expit Sildenafil about half an hour before sexual activity although it could also be taken sometime before. Dosage should begin with smaller amounts and only increased to account for observed response. Store in a cool, dry place.

Side Effects

Previous observations of Expit Sildenafil administration show that the drug may produce adverse effects in the form of reactions to allergens, interactions with continuing care or administration of doses beyond that recommended. Some of these effects have been observed more than others: Dizziness, back pain, stomach upset, skin rash, and headaches are some of them. Facial Oedema, Limb inflammation, hives, dullness in hearing, and temporary color blindness are less frequent effects associated with Expit Sildenafil which poses an immediate danger. Immediate consultations with a doctor should be made.

Conclusion with Rating

Expit Sildenafil is developed in Chewable tablets of 50 milligrams each and is administered to replicate the effects of Viagra – helping men who develop erectile dysfunction and impotence. Expit Sildenafil was manufactured by a pharmaceutical establishment known as Lazar Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Founded about 68 years ago, the company is Uruguay-based and located in Artigas, Montevideo. It was among the first ten online pharmacies to do business in the country and that makes it a pioneer pharmacy. It has been running its operations from that location since 1998 and its efforts have been mostly directed at the domestic population in Uruguay. Lazar Pharmaceuticals has managed to develop a catalog of medications including Antihypertensive-Ischemic heart disease medications, beta blockers, Antiarrhythmic drugs, Cholesterol Lowering drugs, and vasculoprotectors. Expit Sildenafil isn’t currently listed on the website and we found that it is limitedly available on the Internet. Also, there are no reviews for this drug online. We recommend that you try other generic sildenafil medications with reviews and from reputable manufacturers. As always, consult your doctor before purchase. We are giving Expit Sildenafil 2 out of five stars.

Post Author: Isaiah Fowler

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