Cupid Tablet Review

Brand: Cupid Tablet

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Cadila Pharmaceuticals

Country of Manufacture: India

Cupid Tablet Package Image

Review and Description

Cupid is sildenafil brand name whose tablets serve the same therapeutic purpose as Viagra by Pfizer. It is a generic approximation meant to bring relief to the emotional and physical difficulties posed by erectile dysfunction. Cupid is made in tablet formulations of 50mg coated in film – formulations which take advantage of the chief chemically active agent in the drug, Sildenafil citrate, to impede the smooth muscles’ contraction thereby setting off vasodilation which introduces a larger amount of blood to the penis. This chemical compound negates the inhibiting action of cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type five which works to break down cGMP. As soon as more cyclic guanosine monophosphate is freed up, it acts to ensure smooth muscle relaxation. Blood vessels widen, and more blood is introduced to the penile region. Cupid users should experience better erections when that happens.

This 50-milligram film-coated sildenafil formulation is produced and circulated by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited. Ahmedabad, Gujarat is home to this Indian multinational establishment which was founded in 1951. Initially run jointly by the founders Mr. Indravan Modi and Mr. Raman Patel, the company felt it was necessary to do some restructuring in 1995 when the Cadila Pharmaceuticals as it has known today was separated from Cadila healthcare. In addition to active pharmaceutical ingredients, the company has cultivated a range of branded pharmaceuticals and generic pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, antiseptics, diabetes medications, cardiovascular medications, analgesics and erectile dysfunction. The company has international accreditations including WHO-GMP, WHO-Geneva and United States Food and Drug Administration.

Customer Reviews

Users of this generic Viagra have a lot of positive things to say regarding their experience using Cupid 50mg generic Viagra tablets. This we were able to gather from the review section of one credible online seller and we are going to share a few.

In the image below, we have a review from one Leo who lives in the United States. For him, impotence is one of the conditions brought on by virtue of his being diabetic. He says, “I was scared Viagra would affect my heart, but after two years of taking it I’m going strong”.

Another user, JC who resides in Ireland, said that although he had always had a good sex life his libido fell in the previous year

Another user, JC who resides in Ireland, said that although he had always had a good sex life his libido fell in the previous year. He experienced “difficulty maintaining erections”. “With Viagra that never happens now” he explains, and he also found that higher doses gave him headaches.

Pricing and Dosage

Cupid is only made available in 50mg tablets. There were some price lists giving the price of Cupid 50mg pills on the internet when we went looking, and we grabbed the one in the image seen above. Here’s the gist.

Forty-eight pills of Cupid 100mg sildenafil are offered for 362 dollars and the price per pill reduces to 3

Forty-eight pills of Cupid 100mg sildenafil are offered for 362 dollars and the price per pill reduces to 3.68 USD. It reduces further for a greater number of pills. This price for 48 pills when viewed in the light of the price for 30 tabs of Viagra – 745 USD – is satisfactory. Take one tablet daily.

How to Buy Cupid Tablet Online

This medicine is available in the showrooms of many reputable online pharmacies. Finding Cupid 50mg online is a simple enough task. Below we have given two links to two stores.

The first one is a Canadian generic pharmacy store.

How to Use

Cupid 50mg tabs are adapted for oral ingestion aided by plain water. These standard 50mg tabs in film coating should be swallowed unbroken so do not chew with your teeth. Abstain from consuming any kind of food that may get in the way of Cupid 50mg activity including Alcohol, Grapefruit juice and meals high in fat as these obstruct the dispersal and potency. Just one dose not exceeding one hundred milligrams is recommended. Store away from moisture, heat and light. Keep away from children.

Side Effects

Side effects are hardly seen with Cupid 50mg use if you follow the instructions that accompany a doctor’s prescription. Having said that, there are side effects that manifest all the same either due to allergic reactions or dosages beyond prescribed amount. Those that occur due to ignoring the importance of getting a prescription or dosages beyond the recommended amount are headaches, abnormal vision, dyspepsia, dizziness, rash and occasionally back pain. These are common and less pronounced. The unintended effects owing to allergies include facial flushing and swelling, hearing impairment and limb swelling. These are the less common and more pronounced effects.

Conclusion with Rating

Cupid is a generic sildenafil tablet synthesized in film coating in fifty milligrams concentration in order to produce the same results as Viagra when used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Available reviews of Cupid fifty milligrams film-coated tablets show widespread and effusive praise for this medication. A user after a user commented in the comment section we chose to highlight, about how their sexual performance nightmares have become a thing of the past. In addition to their appraisal, they also had good things to say about the shipping practices of the particular store we highlighted. This is just one of many stores whose customers tell a similar story. Cadila Pharmaceuticals hasdefinitely hit all the right notes with Cupid 50mg, and this is indicative of a broader commitment to synthesizing quality generic medicines from 1951 to date. Their generic pharmaceuticals focus has grown to encompass a lot of critical therapeutic areas even as they have racked up one international certification after another. We rate this medicine 4 out of 5 stars. Please see a qualified professional before use.

Post Author: Isaiah Fowler

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